We start with a foundation session to get clarity; what is the reason you want coaching? What do you want to figure out? How can we co-create most effectively? What do you truly want, what are your goals, your desired outcomes?


In our on-going sessions we explore, experience and expand your awareness. We use your topic of the present day as an access point to a unique and personal evolution where you move from insights and possibilities to creating the shift and changes you desire.


Touching on all areas of you and your life you reconnect with your essence, and your purpose. Your impact, and the choices you make are connected to you being your most authentic, creative and fulfilled ‘you’ and living a fulfilling life.


Moving your matter

You may be experiencing conflicts in your life. You want to envision the most true and authentic manifestation of your self, are curious, brave and willing to create transformation. You want to reconnect with your essence and redefine your life purpose. You are ready to take your first next step, to discover what is going on, honor your values and create the results you desire.

Take control of your life and make powerful choices

Explore who you truly are and what is important to you

Discover your authenticity and experience fulfillment

Co-Active Coaching

Co-Active Coaching is an experience of personal and professional development, growth and transformation.

Noor van Gestel

We work together in co-creation to discover who you are, what is here now and what your answers are.


The individual is central to my working method. I do not give advice or solutions, but I stimulate your natural capability of finding your own resolutions.

We have regular dynamic conversations face-to-face, via telephone or online. I use my techniques, tools and skills and ask powerful questions, listen, observe and get you moving to tap in the unique talent, power and creativity you already possess.

What do you say about Moving Matter?

Move now, because you matter!

Special introduction offer: first session is free of charge