Co-Active Coaching

Co-Active Coaching is about discovery, awareness and choice. About the balance between “being” (Co) and “doing” (Active). The term Co-Active refers to the active and co-creating role that both coach and client play in the sole service of the client’s goals and agenda. We have an ongoing relationship where we have dynamic conversations that help fill the gaps between where you are now, and where you want to be. It is is an effective way of empowering you to make important life changing choices. It requires courage, determination and commitment.


As your Co-Active coach I hold you naturally resourceful, creative and especially whole. You are not “broken”. You are the expert of your life. I will not provide you with answers. I will provide you with questions to help you get to your own answers and solutions. Co-Active Coaching is not about problem solving, althoug problems will be solved. The focus is on what is here now and on transformation towards the future. Not on the circumstances, but much more on the whole person. A focus on Learning, exploring and discovering new insights and getting into action. On creating and developping your vision and strategy in allignment with your core values and life purpose.


There is no set way to get to your desired change, no fixed step plan to follow. The unexpected is very welcome. Most of the time the insights and possibilities lie in the unknown.


We work together in co-creation to discover who you are, what is here now and what your answers are.


Align with your body, heart, mind and soul. Every aspect in your life is connected.


Create a shift in how you behave from a place of power.


Find your own answers on your questions and solutions for your problems.


Discover your wisdom with humor and playfulness.


Use from your source and enjoy self confidence.


Connect with your life purpose and true potential.

Internationally recognized

Co-Active coaching

Co-Active coaching is internationally recognized as the most rigorous professional coach training and has been developed with the Co-Active Model by the prestigious Coaches Training Institute (CTI). CTI was founded in 1992 by Laura Whitworth and Karen and Henry Kimsey-House, and the largest coach training school in the world. CTI was also the first organization to be accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).