Noor van Gestel
Co-Active Coach, Moving Matter


it is my pleasure to greet you here! Since I first came into contact with Co-Active Coaching, I have personally experienced what coaching through this model can bring, through trust in the strength of the individual, focus on the whole person and potential for transformation. It brings insights, awareness, discoveries, energy, fun and positivity, and enables you to take action from your own authentic choices. For me, coaching has become an essential part of personal and professional growth and maintaining my authentic ‘being’. I am now Co-Active trained and Co-Active certified.


I coach one-on-one in English or Dutch, and connect for a session face-to-face on location (in consultation), online or via telephone.

CV Noor Eng


Marcel Z. | The Netherlands

“I went into coaching with the question what I would like to do with my near future. I was in my ’40s dilemma’. During the sessions I hoped to get some clarity about what I wanted for the coming year. During the first two sessions, wonderful insights emerged through special exercises. And it felt so good that after this I quit my current work. The sessions after that went deeper into what I did want. Here, too, beautiful insights came, which I am working on at the time of writing to make it reality. Super coaching with super fast results, for me. Grateful.”

Sharlene J. | United Kingdom

“I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Noor. She listened and held space with a quiet confidence that made me feel comfortable in sharing the most vulnerable parts of me. Her powerful questions guided me on my unique path inward to the insights I needed to move forward. She has the intuition of a sage who has been here before. She is a masterful coach with the power to inspire profound change.”

Sweet-T | United States of America

“I sought out Noor to support me in overcoming my writing blocks and distractions. Writing my memoir had been a life’s dream, but I procrastinated with my writing. What I discovered with Noor was the WHY to my difficulty in focusing on writing my book. 

What I find unique with Noor was that through her intuition, body-sensing and use of comparisons through metaphors and similes, she had skillfully unveiled my self-limiting beliefs, in which I was unaware.

It was Noor’s ability to take something that was hiding in plain sight and frame it through a different way of looking at something, like a magician pulling a bunny out of a hat. Her insight allowed me to come to my own realization – an ah-ha moment!

This has been a monumental paradigm shift in how I view myself and life. My positive self-talk has grown exponentially, squelching negative chatter. Because of Noor’s gifts of seeing, I have made significant strides in moving my book forward with clarity and motivation toward completion.

I thank Noor for all she has done to opening up my eyes to self-limiting beliefs and for giving me tools to grow my muscle of self-love and positive self-talk to move through any doubt of success. Her perspective was a blessing. I would recommend anyone seeking transformation to try Noor’s personal growth coaching.”

Writer & former Olympic
Anna W. | Poland

“If you are looking for someone who will help you to gain clarity, find the answers to the problematic questions and set up clear professional and private priorities – I can strongly recommend Noor, who really helped me during one of the most hectic and challenging times of my life. Noor is a certified Co-Active Coach, and she might help you to better understand your strengths and explore your true potential. Thank you Noor!”

Alma A. | The Netherlands

“To me, Noor stands for flexibility, reliability and commitment. She is strong in asking questions, which really brought me to the core of my feelings. In addition to talking, we also started ‘doing’ and that strengthened my learning process. Insights became experiences that now form the basis of my new ME in thinking and doing. Thanks Noor!”

Roger H. | The Netherlands

“Noor coordinates well and makes a plan of action together with you. She monitors the objectives and maintains the overview. Sharp questions and groundbreaking thinking provide clarity. Sometimes confronting, but that ensures that the Co-Active process starts moving. The change you are looking for comes from these processes during the sessions, and become successful by getting started yourself. “

International Consultant
Marieke vd S. | The Netherlands

“I experience coaching with Noor as an adventure through my own soul. Because of her questions I see things that I did not see or see less clearly before. It is so special how she feels what is in the way so that I can name this in turn and can do something with this insight. Her coaching makes it possible for me to get out of my comfort zone, to grow and to be who I want to be.”

Leadership coach and teamtrainer
Elisa S. | Germany

“Noor is a very versatile coach that makes you feel completely safe. She has a natural, sparkling and uplifting energy with which she magically inspires and brings you insights. I felt that she fully understood me, and she was great at pinpointing my real issue (I may lose myself in the details). She is a natural coach, she feels exactly what is needed in the moment With her powerful questions and requests she gets me out of my comfort zone and to come to new insights. Thank you Noor for what you have given me. “

Purposeful Growth Coach & Consultant
G. M. | Belgium

“It was a very personal process, with a lot of attention and the right attention for the individual. Noor creates an atmosphere in which everything can be said and discussed.”

Jan S. | The Netherlands

“After our session I walk back to the group, two of them say at the same time” what happened to you? You seem so different … ” My answer was: that’s what you get when you dance with Noor over the phone for 30 minutes. I really reached a breakthrough this weekend, and you gave me the all-important last push! Thank you !! “

Lilian F. | The Netherlands

“Noor helped me a lot in a number of conversations. She listened well and during the sessions I was able to discuss a different topic that I was dealing with at the time. She then gives you the space to tell your story and can hit the mark by summarizing and asking good questions. Then you come out of the conversation with very nice insights. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a good coach. “